Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi AirportSingapore Changi Airport is one of the world’s top rated airports and currently has 3 airport terminals. The fourth terminal is expected to be completed in 2017. With over 40,000 square meters of commercial space, Changi Airport is also Singapore’s largest shopping location. The 3 airport terminals are interconnected by sky train. On average, the train arrives every 3 to 5 minutes. The departure level is above the arrival level at every terminal. It takes just few minutes to get from one terminal to another by the sky train. Terminal 2 and 3 is also link via a bridge which you can walk – fully aircon. At the Terminal 1, visitors can enjoy a fine piece of art – “Kinetic Rain”. Here’s the link to the youtube video.

Singapore Changi Airport Amenities, Facilities and Services

At every terminal, you will find retail outlets, restaurants, eateries and cafes among many amenities. You can also find post office, laundry service, grocery store, massage, pharmacy and clinic at the airport. There is no short of entertainment facilities for children. Kids can spend hours and especially at basement 3 of terminal 3. You can even book a place for shower and nap located at terminal 3.

On arrival, we suggest that you exchange money into local currency as the rates at airport is more reasonable than at hotel. There are prepaid SIM and data card that you can buy so you can make inexpensive international calls home and surf high speed mobile internet.

There are taxi stands at each terminal of Singapore Changi Airport, but expect the long wait in taxi queue. We recommend that you prebook an airport transfer service prior to your arrival here.

The arrival waiting area can be very crowded. If you are meeting someone, it is best to arrange with them to meet you near the information counter of the respective arriving terminal. You can seek the customer service at information counter to use their phone to call the ground service operator if you have booked any ground service prior to your trip.

Services you we provide at all terminals are : private airport transfer, luggage storage and delivery, and full service transport hire with driver for hours of days to travel anywhere and anytime during your stay. See here for all of our services.