Crossing border to Malaysia from Singapore

Crossing Malaysia BorderHundreds of thousands travel by land between Singapore and Malaysia each day at 2 immigration points. Crossing border to Malaysia from Singapore may be time consuming, hassle and stressful. Choosing the land transport mode of crossing the border to Malaysia from Singapore matters as it affects the traveling time to your final destination. The type of vehicle to travel on will affect the travel time most.

Passengers traveling in minibus, bus or coach MUST disembark from the vehicle to clear immigration and custom. Passengers must bring along their baggage, and proceed to the upper floor of the immigration building. Malaysia no longer requires visitor to fill up the white immigration card to enter the country. After clearing the immigration with passport, they will next join the queue to clear the custom. On return to Singapore from Malaysia, the same procedure is followed. It may be time consuming to join the immigration and custom clearance queue in the immigration building at Singapore and Malaysia Border – repeating the immigration clearance 4 times in total for a 2-way return trip.

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Passengers traveling in cars, minivan or MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) are not required to disembark from vehicle, to clear immigration and custom at the second level – save hassle and time (to bring along baggage to the upper floor of the immigration building to queue and clear). Passports belonging to the traveling passengers shall be passed to the driver who will pass all passports to the immigration office at the immigration booth as he drives through the border. Next he stops the vehicle for the immigration officer to inspect the baggage in the vehicle. If there is no baggage or inspection is not required, the driver proceeds to drive to destination. If required, the custom officer will require the respective passenger to open the baggage for checking.