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Malacca or Melaka in Malay is an old historical town. Ruled by Portuguese in 1511 followed by Dutch in 1641, Malacca was handed to the British under the Anglo-Dutch treaty and governed as a Colony from 1842. The town is a mix of old and new, historical establishments and old shops with modern shopping and commercial buildings. The Peranakan and Portuguese descendants are the result of its long history with trading and colonisation by Oriental and Western powers. The Peranakans (aka as ‘Straits Chinese’) are descendants of Chinese migrants who first came to Malacca centuries ago and adopted the Malay customs and cultures…….

Suggested Malacca Visit Itinerary

Mix and match below for a 2 days 1 night visit or 3 days 2 night visit to Malacca. Note that the commuting time, 1-way from Singapore to Malacca or vice versa, is 4 hours. It would be too rush to travel from Singapore to Malacca and return on the same day. We do not recommend travelling at night on return trip from Malacca to Singapore.

Malacca Historical (6 hrs)
A’Famosa Historical Complex :
Porta de Santiago | St. Paul’s Church | Malacca Tree |  Malacca Sultanate Palace | Independence Memorial | The street of Harmony | Sri Poyyatha V.Moorthi Temple | Kampung Kling Mosque | Cheng Hoon Teng Temple Bukit Cina | Poh San Teng Temple | Hang Li Poh’s Well | Dutch Square | The Stadthuys | Christ Church | Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower | Queen Victorial’s Fountain | Heeren Street | Baba Nyonya Hertage | Jonker Street

Malacca Air Keoh (6hrs)
Botanical Garden (Ayer Keroh Recreational Park)
Mini Malaysia Cultural Village
A large theme park, highlighting the culture and life of the people of Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, it features impressive replicas of the different types of tradional houses from the thirteen states of Malaysia as well as the typical abodes of the ASEAN countries attraction.  Zoo Melaka or Butterfly Farm & Reptile Park – located in Ayer Keroh and is the second largest zoo in the country with some 2000 animals of over 200 different species.

Malacca Rives Cruise (4 hrs)
Straits of Malacca | Maritime Museum | Heeren Street | Dutch Square | Villa Sentosa (Kampung Morten) | Old Buiding

Baba Nyona Heritage (7 hrs )
Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum | Nyonya Kuih Factory | A’Famosa Historical Complex | Porta de Santiago | St. Paul’s Church | Malacca Tree | Malacca Sultanate Palace | Independence Memorial | The street of Harmony | Sri Poyyatha V.Moorthi Temple | Kampung Kling Mosque

Malacca Night Escape (5 hrs)
Malacca River Cruise | Jonker Street Night Market | Taming Sari Tower

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You can find alot more information on Malacca (or Melaka) and learn what to expect on your trip.

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