1210, 2016

Best Way to Tour Singapore and See More

Here’s how you can See More and Do More when you tour Singapore. Saving to go on public transport to visit attraction will cost you more time on your stay. You will need more days and night stays at expensive Singapore hotels. Check out this video on how to do that.

1809, 2016

Ikea Singapore Locations

As of time of the publication of this article, there are 2 Ikea locations in Singapore – Tampines and Alexandra. Tampines is the MEGA store and much bigger.

Ikea Alexandra
Ikea Tampines

Avoid Crowded Hours

Generally, it is more crowded from 5.30 – 7.30pm on weekdays and after 12pm on public holiday and weekends. If you need to shop at Ikea on weekend, it is best to visit in the morning. Opening hour is at 10am.


Ikea Quick Bites

You can get a set of hot dog and a cup of coke for just SGD2. Add SGD0.50, you can a cone of soft ice cream added to the set. Forzen Yogurt for just SGD1. For more information, visit Ikea website at ikea.com/sg

1107, 2016

Tour Singapore Church Mosque Temple

Video Explainer of Tour Singapore church, mosque and temple (Indian and Chinese) in 1 day at leisurely pace in private transport hire with driver. The 1 day suggested itinerary starts with hotel or airport pickup, proceeding to breakfast and ending the day at your hotel. The plan may not be covered in a day if go on public transport. There are many church, mosque and temples in Singapore. You can choose a 2 day tour of Singapore church, mosque and temple.

For more information of transport service, check it out here.

1107, 2016

Kidzania Theme Park for Kids at Sentosa

Kidzania Theme Park

Kidzania is a theme park for kids from 4 to 12 years old. Located on Sentosa resort island of Singapore, the interactive indoor theme park is a great place for kids development through various programs and realistic role-play activities. The educational experience helps foster development of life skills, confidence, money management and inspiration to be good global citizen.

Each of the Kidzania  theme park located around the world offers experiences that are relevant to a particular region, culture and geography by way of food, entertainment and professions. Every activity is designed through collaboration with real-world brands to ensure the realism and authenticity.

The theme park provides an environment for kids to role-play and learn. Since the participants are kids from age 4 to 12, it is built with safety in mind as this age group are more vulnerable to unexpected accidents.  The ‘city’ is built-to-scale for children, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and even a functioning economy.

Getting to Kidzania is convenient when using private transportation and shuttle service. The service is available for travel between Sentosa and Singapore city area or airport.

107, 2016

10 Good Reasons Transfer Service Make Sense

10 Good Reasons Transfer

These are 10 good reasons transfer service make sense, including arrival airport or cruise transfer:

  1. Save time joining long taxi queue on arrival.
  2. Arrive faster at your destination
  3. Travel in privacy, door-to-door
  4. Never get lost anymore at airport with arrival welcome service.
  5. Save time looking for public transportation point
  6. Free advice from driver on where, what & how about Singapore.
  7. Cheaper than private transport arranged by hotel.
  8. Convenient payment online with Paypal.
  9. Can accommodate more people and luggage than taxi
  10. Good and cleaner vehicle than taxi.

More information can be found here.

2906, 2016

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic GardensSingapore Botanic Gardens was inscribed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site on 4 July 2015. The Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Gardens is a dynamic and living monument to the foresight of the founding fathers of Singapore. Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore and a keen naturalist, established the first botanical and experimental garden on Government Hill (Fort Canning Hill) in 1822, shortly after his arrival in Singapore. He aimed to introduce cultivation of economic crops such as cocoa and nutmeg. However, without a full-time salaried director and sufficient funding, the garden languished and was closed in 1829, after Raffles’ death.

The 150-year old Singapore Botanic Gardens is a main visitor attraction of Singapore and popular with local residents. This Gardens possesses an array of botanical and horticultural attractions with a rich history and a wonderful plant collection of worldwide significance. Complementing these unique resources are sensitive developments providing visitors educational and recreational facilities.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is located at 1 Cluny Road. Singapore 259569. It is on the outskirt of Orchard Road shopping district. Admission to the Gardens is free and it is open every day from 5am to 12 midnight. Touring the garden will take at least 2 hours with some spending as long as 5 hours. The Gardens cover an extensive area of 82 hectares (as on 2016), you will find many joggers in the morning and evening. It is also a popular outing place in the weekend and public holiday for families. There are few restaurants and cafe so you do not have to travel far for lunch or refreshment and coffee.

For getting there, you may enquire here.

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