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Jul 31st

Cheap Freight Shipment to Indonesia
Urgent Delivery from Singapore to Jakarta

Service Temporarily Discontinued !

Porter Xpress assist in shipment from Singapore to Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia. We freight small items to bulky items such as furniture or equipment. Our air and sea freight shipment rate is one of the most competitive and lowest in Singapore - best rate! Our door-to-door shipment is one of the most reliable and we will reach your end destination in a shorter time than most other freight shipment or courier vendor.

Your shipment can be picked up from you at your residence, office or your specified location. Alternatively, packed and boxed shipment can be delivered to us for overseas freight shipment by air or sea.

Cheap Affordable Freight Shipment to Jakarta IndonesiaAvailable Shipment Modes

  • Air Freight Shipment from Singapore to Jakarta
  • Courier & Document Door-to-Door Shipment to Indonesia
  • Sea Freight Shipment  to most major cities in Indonesia
  • Urgent Shipment from Singapore 


Enquiry and Quotation

Bulky Freight shipment to Jakarta

Please provide us the following information :

  • Description of the content
  • Weight (in kg) of every packed item 
  • Dimension (in cm) of every packed item
  • Destination with postal code
  • Consignee name and contact number

Readying a Shipment

Pickup Delivery Freight to Jakarta Indonesia

1. Prepare a packing list of the description of the items
2. Group the items and box them accordingly
3. Use bubble bag liberally to protect fragile items
4. Indicate the weight & dimension ( L x W x H in cm ) of each box
5. Label every box appropriately
6. Write clearly and boldly "FRAGILE' if content contains fragile items.
7. Call us at 62420002 at least one day in advance for pickup 

Shipment Rate Calculation

Shipment rate calculation are not based strictly on absolute weight nor absolute dimension of shipment. For bulky items light in weight but big in volume, volumetric weight is used. Following the recommendation of IATA, volumetric weight is computed on the volume in cubic cm divide by 5000. The shipment rate will be based on the higher of the absolute weight and volumteric weight.

How long will it reach destination ?

Depending on the mode of shipment. Sea freight, the cheapest mode of shipment will take at least 5 days to arrive port. Air freight shipment will take 1-2 days to arrive at airport. The time to reach final destination will depend on the custom clearance time and the land transport accessibility to the final destination.

Useful Shipment Information

  1. Packing
    Shipping labels should be stuck to both the inside and the outside of your luggage, and the destination address should be clearly printed on them. Delicate items should be packed in the centre of your bags and surrounded in soft materials. All bags must be securely sealed to prevent them from opening in transit-and an accurate inventory is a must.

  2. Declaration of Content
    Every item in the packing must be declared in documents (multiple set copies) to be provided, as the custom officer will inspect every item as soon as it reach the port of entry of the destination city. The document submitted to us will be checked by us and we will advise you accordingly if any prohibited item which you may not be aware.

  3. Volumetric Measurement
    Shipment charges will be based on volumetric weight as opposed to absolute weight or absolute dimension of your shipment. According to IATA (International air Traffic Association), volumetric weight is a the bigger of the absolute weight and the final packing size (in cubic cm) divided by 5000.

  4. Insurance
    Optional insurance may be purchased to cover for losses or damage.

  5. Collection Point
    Your shipment can be picked up from you at wherever you are in SIngapore. Packing and item delcaration document must be ready at least 1 (2-hr) working day before shipment day.


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