Ikea Delivery to Singapore Airport

Ikea Delivery to Airport

Shop at Ikea and have your items collected from you at Ikea and delivered to airport. It will save you the hassle of lugging them to your hotel then carry them to airport. The items can be stored overnight with us.

For using the Ikea delivery service to airport, please book online and provide us the following information :

  1. Specify the time, date and Ikea location (Tampines or Alexandra) the purchased items are to be collected from you
  2. Specify the time, date and check-in counter
  3. Provide us the flight number so we knwo which check-in counter to meet you to return to you.
  4. Specify the number of pieces of boxes and bags to be handled.

Note :

  • We do not handle loose items. The items must be packed in bags or boxes by you.
  • If you wish to have the items wrapped in plastic, please allow us at least 2 hours to wrap them with plastic in our facility.
  • We need at least 4 hours notice to pick up the items.
  • The boxes and bags must be ready when we arrive for collection. Surcharge applies for excessive waiting during pickup.
  • Charges will depend on the pickup time, return time, any overnight storage, number of pieces, any oversize (>32″), any overweight (>22Kg).
  • We do not handle large bulky items which requires more than 1 person to handle per item. Example of large bulky items are cupboards or cabinets.

GST Refund for Ikea Purchases

gst-refundIf you are claiming GST for bringing out your Ikea purchaes out of Singaore, please make sure you have obtain the Eletronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) receipts and documents from Ikea before you leave Ikea. At airport, you will need it to claim for refund of the GST.

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