Mersing and Tioman Island

Mersing is old fishing port town, located on the north east coast of Johor, the southern-most state of Peninsular Malaysia. Not as many as in the past, you will still find fishing boats on the river and fishing-related industries in this slow and sleepy town. It is more commonly known for the ferry terminal which ferry tourist to the popular destination of Tioman Island. In the weekend, the town tends to be busier with enthusiast of diving and fishing.

Tioman, Divers’ Paradise

Tioman IslandPulau Tioman is an island located 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear water, resorts and chalets line along the white and beatiful sandy beach. Other parts of the island are largely and densely forested. Around Tioman, there are several little islands which are popular with divers. Every year, it attracts thousands of sun-lover, snorkelers and returning divers to this jewel in the South China Sea.

Where is Mersing?

Mersing JettyMersing is located on the east coast of the peninsular in Johor state. Located about 135 km north east of Johor Bahru, it is linked by road to several many several cities in Malaysia. All tourists going to Tioman Island from Johor Bahru and Singapore via Kota Tinggi, will catch a ferry from Mersing.


Transport to Mersing.

There are buses which ply between Mersing, Johor Bahru and Singapore. As public buses only operate at certain times a day, private hire of transport to Mersing is more common. For information of door-to-door private transport to Mersing, from Singapore hotel or residence, Changi Airport and Mersing, please email your enquiry to Porter Xpress. You choose your preferred pickup time and address. For group traveling, we can arrange a MPV or mini-bus for transport to Mersing ferry terminal. The journey between Mersing and border of Malayisa-Singapore is about 1.5 hrs, under normal traffic condition.

Ferry to Tioman Island.

The ferry between Mersing and Tioman Island operates only a few times a day. The timing may change depending on the weather and tide condition. Please contact your hotel and resort in Tioman Island for information on ferry timing. It is highly recommended that ferry is booked well in advance if your trip is from Friday to Sunday.

Planning holiday in Tioman

Tioman is very popular with Malaysian and Singaporean holidaymakers and it is highly recommended to book well in advance for weekends and the public and school holidays of Malaysia and Singapore.

Climate and Clothing

Dress casual and light as it can get humid on some days, as with most tropical islands. Temperature all year round ranges from 21ºC (70ºF) to 32ºC (90ºF). Humidity is high (85-95%). Monsoon is at year end to beginning of the year. Rain are more frequent between November and March. Some resorts are closed during this period.

Currency and credit cards

The Malaysian currency unit is Ringgit (RM). While some resorts and dive centres accept VISA and Mastercard but it is best to carry cash in Ringgit prior to your visit.

Telecommunication and Internet

Not all resorts have telephone facilities. Mobile phone reception is intermittent on the island. Internet access is available but sparse. Purchase pre-paid mobile phone card in Mersing or Johor, if you plan to call or SMS overseas. That’d help to save some money.


Bahasa Malaysia is the official language but English is widely spoken and understood, communication with the locals may not be a major problem.


Tipping is not mandatory but is widely practised. RM2-RM5. Most hotels and restaurants include a 10% service charge in all their bills.

Underwater photography

Underwater photography and videography services or camera and casing are avilable for rental at diving centres.

Entrance Fee to 6 islands off Mersing

From 1 Sept 2013, visitors and scuba divers must pay fee to 6 islands off Mersing waters : Pulau Aur, Pulau Besar, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Sibu. Money collected will be used to maintain, protect and conserve the marine life – imposed by Johor National Park. Foreigners to pay RM10. The scuba diving fee is RM200 per person from 7am to 5.30pm daily.